Inspire Action

Will you Avoid these common digital signage pitfalls?

These are all real-life examples of mistakes we’ve seen when working with hundreds of top-performing companies around the world.


Wasting money on tech with no strategy

choosing the wrong hardware or Software

Ineffective screen placement

losing your audience with stale content

turning away customers with poor design

network insecurities from improper setup


Inspire Action: a proven way to communicate with digital signage

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master the audience Engagement Framework™

You’ll learn the 3 keys that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your digital signage:

• Use Design to attract eyes and create clarity
• Use Data to deliver personalized content
• Use Devices according to the purpose at hand

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Learn the 4 key ingredients to visual Engagement

46.1% of people say a company’s design is the number one criterion for discerning their credibility. Visuals are so vital, but so easy to get wrong.

Motion: Use movement appropriately
Visuals: Multiple visuals for different viewers
Time: The proper length of time to display visuals
Color: Use color to evoke strong emotions

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Deepen your knowledge of Digital Signage Technology

Gain critical insights about the purpose, limitations and availability of digital signage.

Purpose: Choose a device that fits the need
Availability: Make sure it’s replaceable
Limitations: Consider physical and technical hurdles


Dan Martell, tech investor and serial entrepreneur

“Building, launching and scaling a competitive SaaS product is a feat entrepreneurs of all levels struggle to accomplish. Dave breaks down his winning strategy in a comprehensive way, effectively explaining why Industry Weapon’s approach to digital signage technology has resonated so strongly with clients across the globe.”


For over a decade, hundreds of organizations have continued to use the Inspire Action methodology.

Chances are you’ve already experienced some of our digital signage without realizing it. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Dick’s Sporting Goods or enjoyed a Little Caesar’s pizza, you’ve seen our methodology in action.


Three simple steps to start inspiring action


Read the book

Inspire Action is an approximately 3-hour read. An investment of a few hours will save you countless hours and dollars when it comes to implementation.


Implement the strategies

All the principles you need to implement winning techniques are in the book. If you decide you want help, you can partner with Industry Weapon


Inspire Action

Start seeing the results you want: employees that are more engaged and productive and customers that take action and keep coming back for more.


Hi, I’m Dave.
And I believe that digital signage should be easy.

During my time as CEO at Industry Weapon I’ve seen hundreds of top-performing organizations who struggle with their digital signage strategy and implementation. That’s why I wrote Inspire Action: to share proven methods from 10+ years of experience that will keep your signage from being ignored and inspire your audience to take action.